A Dream Deferred

What do you do when your dream comes crashing down, not just deferred but obliterated in a way that makes reality seem too weighty to bear? What do you do when your heart is broken by forces beyond your control?

I can’t count the number of people who reached out to me Election Night to ask, “Will we be okay?” “WTF and what now?” “ How did this happen?” “How do we survive this unthinkable outcome?” “I’m too frightened to face the future, what do I do with that?”

You get the idea. We suffered a blow we worked so hard to not have to face. We had faith in the better angels of America. But we were delivered a diabolical despot. What is our path forward? I actually held an Election Night party, so positive was I of the outcome. So, when the world turned dark as returns came back in a sea of blood red, I turned to my friends and asked them, “What is our path forward, those of us for whom goodness and mercy were out of reach?” Their blank faces, stricken with grief, spoke volumes.

So, as I was hosting the event, I felt responsible to form an answer.

We got knocked down so, “We rise up. We rise with the day.” (Oh yeah, those are lyrics but they were perfect.) I know what we must do next and it’s in something Hillary has been saying all along.

We will do all the good we can, for all the people we can, for as long as we can.
Millions of us have bonded throughout the course of this election, through social media, through working in our communities, as we held hands and reached for that brass ring of victory of what seemed like good over what seemed like evil. So do we just throw up our hands, or wring our hands and go into mourning? No. Just. No.

We listen to Andra Day sing “Rise Up.”

And that’s what we do. We rise up and do all the good we can for all the people we can for as long as we can. We stand together, we don’t give in to fear, we don’t give in to hatred and bigotry, we don’t give in… ever.

Because. Love. Still. Trumps. Hate.


8 Responses to “A Dream Deferred

  • Leah Lawrence
    3 years ago

    This gives me hope. Thank you.

    • Ah, Leah, I am so trying to be hopeful or at least to fake it till I make it. And, for me, a freshened resolve to work harder to make an impact and raise the compassion level in the world. I have an idea for a project to educate kids about diversity and I’m moving forward with it immediately.

  • Very poignant Debby,
    I am so sorry for the way things have turned out, but I love your determination to remain positive.
    Love does indeed trump hate.

    • Oh I surely hope so! I am going to remain a believer in the power of good people to make changes in the world but it’s more challenging right now, this week at least! Thanks for writing this, though…

  • A time for unity Deb. I am so sorry for the state of the world. It’s up to every one of us to make it better. Numbers are stronger than one bad apple. <3

    • Oh yes, as a wise woman said, we are Stronger Together. Now we just have to find a way to get together. Big job…

  • I am saddened and so sorry about the election results…people like you and me really never can know the inside workings of our politics or why things happen as they do…because it is saturated with and controlled by those with money , power and influence , it is often manipulated to serve their purposes…leaving “we the people” unfulfilled…even though I have marched , protested and bore witness to this power ( even during the Obama administration), been beaten , kicked and jailed , things haven’t changed much…whistleblowers have come forward to shed light on this surreptitious reality , only to be jailed , ostracized or destroyed for their efforts…WikiLeaks has given us a glimpse of this corrupted inside game , but has been soundly discounted and disavowed by the corporate media , keeping Mr. Assange captive in the Ecuadorian Embassy…I live with a conscience that is steeped in humane values…with compassion and respect for my fellow human beings ( not just my countrymen/women )…I can not sit still or remain quiet when those values are violated…needless to say I can not act on all the violations that come to my attention , I pick my battles…Our people have been showered with lies and misinformation for years in order to divide us to the point we are now…( divide and conquer/ control ) divided , we have no power , allowing those aforementioned to act unimpeded …citizens united , manipulating Obamacare premiums to insure its demise , covert military adventures …etc…etc…and now , tampering with an election that best ensures their continued dominance…the inexperienced Mr. Trump will be way easier to use…I’m afraid the cards were dealt and the fix was in…long before anyone knew ….we can’t prove it , but here we are…

    • The work we have to do in order to move forward is overwhelming in its scope. I hope that this election has brought the very serious nature of our problems to light and that more people will rise now to work for peace and compassion. But, like I said, overwhelming right now…

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