A Little Lipstick Intrigues From Across the World

I write for a variety of reasons and for quite a few different forums, on blogs, in the books I author, and from time to time my work is featured in an anthology. Last year I had an essay published in “Chicken Soup For the Soul: Volunteering and Giving Back.”

Those essays are true and told in first person. My contribution was about my experience delivering meals to elderly (as in older than I am!) persons and shut ins. In particular it was about my encounter over many years with a lovely man who had survived the Holocaust but in the process, lost his dream life, the one for which he had studied as a young man. He wanted to be a rabbi. But, after the war and emigrating to America he had to turn his attentions to finding work to support himself. The years flew by without his having the opportunity to do what he most wanted to do. His life did not play out the way he hoped.

The book debuted and I haven’t heard much about it until today. I received a gracious email which said, in part,

“Hope all is well with you across the miles. I got the chance to read an impressive story for you the other day. It came to me from the Chicken Sop for the Soul’s daily newsletter to which I subscribed more than 10 years ago and it was about volunteering in food organization that provided food for elderly people and meeting with Mr. Stolarz. Beauty is truth’s smile when she beholds herself in a perfect mirror. Mr. Stolarz’s kindness touched my heart and humbled me in a way you can never imagine, there is nothing as powerful as an encouraging word. “

It was signed with a dateline and a name. The dateline: Saudi Arabia.

Ponder that for a moment. I write a piece about a Jewish Holocaust survivor and I get a beautiful reaction from a reader in Saudi Arabia.

The power of words to reach across great divides, both metaphoric and geographic is truly stunning.

What a wonderful reason to write.


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7 Responses to “A Little Lipstick Intrigues From Across the World

  • It’s amazing who we touch.

    • I suspect we touch in so many more ways than we could possibly know, both positive and negative. It’s good to find out about the positive from time to time, isn’t it?

  • That is indeed a lovely surprise, and people never fail to amaze 🙂

  • …we are more alike than we care to admit…although we are separated by a variety of social constructs , our lives as human beings have many more similarities than differences …conveying our experiences freely on the internet , as you do Debby , helps us see those similarities…and devalue the things that divide us…

    • I just don’t get why we have so much trouble accepting the obvious. We share more than we don’t. It’s all pretty insane the differences we create for no reason.

  • What an amazing story Deb. Words can certainly span across the universe. Lovely to hear that your inspirational words are being spread around. 🙂

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