About Debby

After having taught happily in public schools for ten years, I took a job at the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper and fell in love with the written word. My job there involved creating educational materials to be used in schools in conjunction with the newspaper. As I learned the nuances of writing simply but informatively and creatively I was simultaneously learning a new world at home — the world of being a parent.  I melded those two worlds together and went on to write two parenting books, published by Penguin and Berkley Books, respectively.

In the years since I’ve raised three incredible daughters and have also become a very happy Grammy. I’ve owned my own educational syndicate and become a niche author  focusing on  families. I believe family and friends who are like family are the center of happiness for most people, whether they be families of birth or of choice. What lives at the center of any familial relationship is the sacred trio of love, trust, and communication. Those are the issues I explore.

I hope you’ll explore along with me as we strive to lead happier, healthier lives by surrounding ourselves with people we honor. To follow me via email, please click on the sidebar on the right. I look forward to hearing from you.



CONTACT ME: dcc120652@gmail.com



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