Best Grandparent Gift Ever! Advice Appreciated.

At least I’m hoping that is what people will say when they see my new book coming out in just days.

Here’s my cover:










Here’s my description:

This adorable rhyming children’s book about real-life grandparents redefines the images of grandparents found in most children’s books. Today’s diverse “grands” live vibrantly with vivacious attitudes about life. They work a myriad of jobs with passion. They’re teachers and doctors, welders and bankers, artists and lawyers, and many other things. Some are retired and engage in fun hobbies from gaming to gardening. They may be writers who weave with words, artists who create beauty, or volunteers making a difference in the world. Today’s grandparents are leading the way for the next generation to learn how to age with grace, integrity and fun! This is a wonderful, heartwarming book for parents, grandparents, and children to enjoy together. The beautiful illustrations will change the way you see grandparents. So, if you are a grandparent or know one or love one who is anything from artist to Zamboni driver or anything in between you’ll want to share this book. If you are or know a “grand” who rocks and rolls and breaks the mold of grandparents, this book is for you! 

Love to hear your reactions on this marketing description. Does it intrigue enough? Does it explain enough? The interior illustrations are quite diverse and show active, youthful grandparents doing everything from working in offices to surfing. I use grandparent names from around the world in many languages. Does my description say enough about that? My goal was to create a children’s picture book with images of grandparents quite a bit different from the ones I found on the market which made it appear that all grandparents rocked only in chairs or they baked or they fished but did little else. And they all looked about 102! My friends and other “Boomer” grandparents I knew looked nothing like that. So I set out to redefine the image of grandparents and do so with a fun rhyming bit of text. Do you think my description and cover put that across?

The book is already available as ebook on Amazon and will be available in print soon so I come to you for advice before anything is set in stone. Thanks in advance for your advice and counsel!

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  • Deb, I love the whole concept. You are hitting a great target audience, ‘the grandparents who don’t look or live like they’re old’. Great idea. I love your description, it tells so much of the book’s context. If you are looking for a comment on description, as informative as it is, I would think about just condensing it a tad to fit on the back cover. Congrats on the birth of your new book. I can’t wait to order a copy for my gran niece, my baby sister’s granddaughter. My sister doesn’t look like a typical granma or act like one lol, so perfect!

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to give me this feedback. I didn’t upload the back cover but it does have a bit of description on it. I’ll look it over to make sure it gives enough information, though. I’m not surprised your sister doesn’t look like a typical gramma. She’s related to you, after all!

  • I think you did a commendable job with the description and will command attention of all the “grands.” The cover is colorful and eye-catching too as I am sure the rest of the book is likewise.

    As a grandmother I don’t think of myself as old in any way since I am active daily and healthy (thanks to God). I will check out your book soon.

    Best wishes for much success with it!
    From a grandmother who rocks!

  • I agree with Debby – condense it a little. Also, you mention that you use grandparent names from around the world in many languages. I would play that up in a phrase or two and perhaps delete “Today’s grandparents are leading the way for the next generation to learn how to age with grace, integrity and fun!” Your examples seem to say express that idea anyway. But that’s just my opinion.

    All the best on your book launch – wow!

  • Congrats on your new book launch! I agree with Marian and Debby, above, that it could be condensed just a bit. Marian suggested deleting the “Today’s grandparents … ” sentence and I think so, too. I love the whole concept and the cover looks great. Best of luck to you on this one, Debby. My sister is a grandma and I know she would love it!

  • Great cover and description! Sharing… 🙂

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