What if your true story is more bizarre than fiction? In our family, it was. This intriguing narrative nonfiction memoir reads like a compelling novel. My husband Ned and I wanted to care for our aging parents and help them face death peacefully. Our difficult, dysfunctional, and despicable siblings wanted something else. They want to grab money and power. They are controlling people in situations beyond their control.  Our siblings would stop at nothing to accomplish their missions. We couldn’t let that happen. Ultimately Tales From The Family Crypt is a love story that twists and turns with humor and insight about what makes or breaks the bonds of family. We thought we had happy childhoods in normal families. We could not have predicted how low our adult siblings would go to get what they wanted. The death of aging parents can challenge even good families. In troubled families with any type of family rift, disputes over eldercare and inheritances can be astronomically distressing. Thanks to a deep and abiding love and a resolute determination to do the right thing, we were able to transcend the challenges and go on to live a wonderful life. We’d like to help you do the same. This is a great read for anyone with a family.

This practical and easy-to-read book shows parents how they can raise happy, responsible, respectful, and yes, AMAZING kids by living their lives and inviting their children to join them in everyday situations. Parenting is hard but it can be wonderful and rewarding too. The key is in not giving up everything you loved and enjoyed just because you decided to have children. You can maintain the integrity of your life and raise terrific kids. You are doing things every day that you can use to teach your children some valuable life skills. This book shows you the way to incorporate your kids into those activities. They’ll learn life skills and you’ll all have more free time to enjoy!


sybilcoverShare this adorable book with your kids or grandkids. Sybil loves to play.  Her brother Willie loves being responsible. It’s all good until one day Sybil’s harmless prank on the school bus gets her into major trouble.This fun-to-read book and lively illustrations will entertain readers of all ages who love to play. It’s a great read aloud for home or school. Available in digital format and in paperback on Amazon. The style is reminiscent of Beverly Cleary and Judy Blume. The story is timeless and the characters endearing. It’s the kind of book readers will enjoy again and again.

coversmall4facebook GRANDPARENTS and anyone who loves a grandparent or a grand child will love this adorable full-color children’s book about what real grandparents do! Available on Amazon in paperback and ebook format. 

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When our grandson was born I was newly moved by the concept of family lines, generations reaching backward and forward, and the need for him to know from whence he came. So I created a piece I thought a little kid could relate to and love –  a picture book about our family.

grandchildbkp1Here’s the first page. It reads: Every little boy comes from two different sides. Each one fills his heart with pride.

The book continues in rhyming verse to say that one side isn’t better than the other, they’re just different and this is the side passed down from his mother.

I wanted to share a fact about each person in our immediate family: my husband, me, and each of our three daughters, one of who is his mother.

grandchildbkp3The next images are these two. First a baby picture of his grandfather, whom he calls “G,” (aka my husband) with this verse:

Your story begins with your loving “G.”

Here’s what he looked like when he was just wee.

With the current photo, it reads:

If someday you are handy with tools,

It’s G who passed that along and it’s cool.

My goal was to help him understand the continuity of family. We’re young once, just like he is, and we grew up, just as he will. Plus, each of us has unique traits or talents or skills and I wrote about one of those for each person too.

The format for the rest of the book was the same, a baby photo, a current photo, and a fun fact. I used an online photo book site to format it and have it printed. It wasn’t inexpensive but it was worth every penny.

I began reading it to him when he was about one. He still loves it, a few years later. It’s one of the best gifts I could imagine giving him.

If you’d like information about having me create one for your family, please email me, I’d be honored to help you give this stunning gift to someone you love. I provide you with a questionnaire in order to get information about your family. You return it to me along with photos of each person you want to include. I will write a personalized rhyming story based on the information you provide.

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