Fear of Aging? Badass Aging is Here!

Recently I was asked to write a guest post for a site directed at people over 60. I’m not just guessing the demographic, the site is titled, “Sixty and Me.” But people of any age can bask in the glory of these inspiring people. They invited me to write after seeing my children’s book about today’s awesome grandparents. As they requested I wrote about the new face of grandparents and how much today’s grandparents are unlike any grand generation preceding them. I asked readers to compare themselves to their own grandparents and boy did they.

I think I’m pretty fabulous, overall, in terms of getting older. Being the age I am is turning out to be better than I anticipated. I see myself as someone who neither looks nor acts my age. (Often to the dismay of those around me!) I figured I was ahead of the aging curve, certainly compared to others my age. Oh did I have to eat my conceit! After I read the responses to my article and saw what some of these “grands” are doing I felt like I had a long way to go in order to catch up with what’s really possible while aging. Click the link to meet just a few of these folks. I promise your fear of aging will drop off precipitously when you read about what’s waiting for you in a few (or way more) years! There’s 74-year-old  “Truck Driving Grandma,” who just took up drag racing.  There’s the grand old enough to have a 17-year-old grandson who just started skiing in order to prove, “age is just a number.” Read about the grand who’s subbing at her grandkids’ school as the GYM TEACHER! In her spare time she runs half marathons with her grandkids!

And, it’s not just what these people do in their later years. It’s more about the attitude they do it with. They’re upbeat, they’re not  just living, they’re doing it with gusto. They’re downright badass.

8 Responses to “Fear of Aging? Badass Aging is Here!

  • Badass “grands” ~ I love it! It’s so true that today’s senior citizens have retained their vitality, sense of purpose and zest for living far beyond the old stereotypes.

    • I know. I should’ve called my book that! Then again, it is a children’s book… 🙂 Maybe the next one! Could be one of those little books you see in bathrooms, perhaps.

  • …when our perspective lies primarily in the physical , we identify more with physical age…but if we see each other also as souls and recognize more of the spirit in each of us , we get a more accurate assessment of the “age” of other beings…I don’t see as well as I used to …but my twinkle remains…

    • I agree with all you say (as I often do) but in terms of aging, the physical is what generally determines our mental and even our attitude to some extent, although not our soul, which I do agree counts a great deal. The thing is if we keep ourselves up physically, not so much focusing on how we look but with more attention to our health and activity, we can maintain a healthy mind and maybe even a healthier soul and outlook.

  • … as a health and activity professional, you’re preaching to the choir… many stereotypes have come to be unwarranted in an ever changing world…especially the negative ones that promote “isms”…thank you for being a catalyst in creating that change…

    • I’m pretty sure no one has ever called me a catalyst before and I must say, I rather like it!

  • This is awesome and so inspiring Deb. Thanks for the lift! And you’re pretty badass yourself! If you never mentioned your age, I would never even be inclined to think it began with a 6! So I guess your aging wonderfully! 🙂

    • From one badass broad to another (I mean that in the nicest way possible), I thank you for your lovely compliment about my age. It’s begun with a 6 for a while and by the time it starts with a 7, I hope I’m used to it. I was just 27 I thought…

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