Finding Inspiration

We’ve all seen them, or more accurately, not seen them — the blogs that disappear. I think there are a variety of reasons why seemingly prolific bloggers drop out of the blogosphere. Maybe they thought they’d make boatloads of money blogging and when nary a dime trickled in, they gave it up. Or maybe they had lots of time on their hands and when that evaporated they let the blog go. Or maybe, they simply had nothing left to say.

That’s the one that makes me wonder. I wonder what it feels like NOT to be inspired. I pretty much always have something to say. I could blog daily; I choose not to because I don’t want my words to be a drag on society.

So, where do I find inspiration? At the end of my visual field, I suppose. I watch all that goes on around me, in real life, in the blogs and news feeds I read, in my family (OMG I wrote an entire book about them, much to their dismay!) I simply find people fascinating.

Take yesterday. I was looking at this artistic creation by my sweet grandson. (He’s 3, this is about as good as it gets.) I asked him to tell me about his picture (a throwback to my years as a teacher when the experts say you are not supposed to “judge” a child’s work, but, rather to ask him to tell you about it, then respond.) He said, “It’s handprints with lights.” Then he said something about “being” the candle. That’s when it hit me.

What if, during this holiday season in candlefingerswhich we all celebrate a variety of lights (Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Diwali and Christmas all involve different types of light), we actually were the candle? What if we find a way to, paraphrasing Gandhi, “be the candle we wish to see in the world”? That will be my challenge for the month — to find ways  to “be the candle.” Candles don’t necessarily beam a great deal of light but every little bit of brilliance adds to the greater illumination in the world. What a great gift to give this season to someone in your family: the gift of illumination.

Will you join me shining in some way this month? Love to hear about it if it inspires you to write.

6 Responses to “Finding Inspiration

  • Hi Deborah. Having dyslexia always stopped me from writing, but when I found WordPress and published that first post I was overwhelmed by the support and encouragement I got from fellow bloggers on here.
    I’m deeply in love with writing and could do it all day long. However, life sometimes gets in the way and I have leaned how to juggle between writing, blogging and the other parts of my life.
    That’s me!

    I hope you are well?
    Merry Christmas

    • Always lovely to hear from you! The juggling act is the only way to make all of this work. I for one am happy you find time to write. I love reading your work and think you put lots of light out into the world. Merry Christmas to you. Hope yours is merry and bright!

      • Thank you so much for the lovely comments about my writing, Deborah. You sure know how to make this writer blush ☺️

  • Being fairly new to blogging, it amazes me to see how prolific some bloggers can be. I write at a snail’s pace, so I’m happy even if I only post twice a month.
    Yes, be the candle ~ a wonderful goal for all of us.
    Happy Holidays, Debby!

  • Your artistic grandson is a genius! Candles are such a great metaphor for light and truth. Hand-prints that glow too. 😉

    • Not so sure he’s a genius, but he’s awfully lovable. Feel pretty lucky to have him in my life. And he inspired my newest book about grandparents so he’s already earned his keep!

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