Five Ways To Feel Better

If you’re like a lot of people these days, you might be finding it challenging to find reasons to smile. I’ve been talking to too many people who report a general feeling of sadness taking over too much of the day. I fully understand. The world can feel oppressive, given recent events. The holidays are coming up and they’re supposed to be happy times which just serves to make some people feel worse. So, here are some strategies that might help you reconnect with joy, with happiness, and with enough gratitude to bring out a smile for a while.

  1. Some say turning off the news is a good idea. If that works for you, fine, but I suspect events will seep in so rather than tell you to turn off the news, I’d put it this way, turn your thoughts to the world closest to home. For a few days, pay more attention to the people around you, at work, at home, in your day-to-day interactions. By focusing your attention there, you are way more likely to encounter more goodness than you do in reviewing the larger world. Notice the little things your family and friends are doing which make you feel lighter and happier.
  2. Do something for someone else. The world can feel dark so it’s up to you to create light. You can’t solve the world’s problems but you have the power to do at least one thing that brings light into that darkness. Help someone out, do a favor for a friend, hold a door for a stranger, send someone you love $5 randomly just to make them smile. It doesn’t matter what you do, how big or small. The act of doing for another will make you feel better for the time it takes to do whatever it is.
  3. Set a “feel good” goal for each day. Do one thing that makes you feel good. It could be anything from hugging someone to enjoying a delicious piece of chocolate to phoning someone you haven’t spoken to in a while to reading a passage of your favorite book. What counts here is that you let no day pass without identifying and doing for yourself at least one thing that makes you feel good.
  4. Look outside or at a reasonable facsimile of outside. Experts have determined that looking at nature will improve your mood. Obviously the easiest way to do this is to look outside at the sky, at the sun, at the trees, at anything near you which holds some natural beauty. Surprisingly, the “natural view” you look upon to elevate your mood doesn’t even have to be real to help you. If you can’t find any natural beauty to gaze upon, looking at a picture of nature’s bounty has been proven to have a similar mood elevating impact. So, enjoy. Here are three fantastic scenes for your eyes to take in.DSCN0638 MP900447536 IMG_0335









5. Tell someone how you feel. Often simply sharing your sadness enables you to throw it off.

What would you suggest to a friend who is sad? What strategies do you use to keep oppressive sadness away?

10 Responses to “Five Ways To Feel Better

  • Lovely Deborah thank you … simple things to do.

  • Thanks, Debby, for these great tips. I also find that exercise helps my mood. Since retiring, I’ve had time to exercise more regularly and my outlook is vastly improved. Or, maybe it’s just that retirement agrees with me. 🙂

    • While I’m sure retirement does agree with you, I completely forgot the value of exercise as a mood elevator. I find exactly the same thing to be true. Great addition to my list. Thanks!

  • Deb, this is a beautiful post. I was just writing a post in draft for Christmas and thinking about the things you mentioned here. It always seems the holidays, although a time to be filled with joy, is also a time for reflection. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips. xo 🙂

    • Reflection is generally a good thing. I know you can’t even stop yourself from doing it, even if you try!

  • Thanks for this post Debby. It has certainly come at the right time as there have been so many awful things happening lately. These are things that we can all do to make ourselves feel a little better.

    • And I just heard about the one in the U.K. today. It’s beyond frightening. We could all use a little help. Stay well, my friend!

  • Good advice and simple ideas. Thanks for following my blog. Would like to know how you learned about my blog. Thank you.

    • I believe you (as Little Voice) liked a post on my blog and I followed you back. Or I may have seen a comment you left on another blog and clicked to read more about you. That’s usually how I find the blogs I follow.

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