Grandma Ran Over A Reindeer

I love this time of year BUT there is one bit that makes me crazy. Perhaps you’ve heard that annoying song that rolls around annually, “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer.” Apparently an equal number of people love and hate it so they keep playing it. I’m in the hate column but not for the reason you might think. Yes, it’s insipid and has an annoying tune but that’s not what irks me. My peeve is now that I’m a grandma I’m particularly sensitive to the image we “Grands” are being represented by in popular culture. The Grandma in the song gets mowed down because she’s drunk. Okay, that’s not so bad. We grands enjoy a nice glass of wine or a perfect dirty martini now and then and she wasn’t driving. I’m okay with that but listening further, we find Grandma’s problem wasn’t so much the egg nog as “She forgot her medication and staggered out into the snow.” Further along in the song we find out Grandma wears a wig that goes well with “blue and silver candles.” So, in summation Grandma is portrayed as a balding, yet silver-blue haired  woman who needs medication and can no longer walk steadily without staggering.

I don’t sport blue hair or need a wig, I walk erect quite fine thank you, and take no medication. I know very few grandparents who look anything like the Grandma in the song. And, it’s not just this song showing a skewed image of grandparents. You should see the grandparents in the children’s story books I’ve been reading to my grandson. They’re stooped, they walk with canes, the men have comb overs (!), the woman have their hair in buns and nobody ever has a job! They just sit and knit, or fish and for exercise they may play cards. My friends work and play, we volunteer in our communities, we run marathons, we do yoga, we hike, we travel, we bike, we ride motorcycles, we even stand up paddle board!

Friends, I ask you, which image below is more like the grandparents you know today?

Does the grandma on the left look like she’d easily be mowed down by a reindeer? No, she’d jump on that sucker and push him out of the way, don’t you think? Let’s start a movement, Real Grands! Rise Up and Say, “I’m Grand and I’m Fabulous!” Spread the word, share this post. We are not your mother’s grandmother anymore!
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