Is Facebook Accusing Me of Lying?

Today I got a not-so-friendly note from Facebook accusing me of putting a false image on my profile. Okay, that wasn’t exactly what it said, but that’s the way I interpreted it. It said my profile photo hadn’t been changed for three years. Were they suggesting I was trying to fool people in some way by inferring– via the use of my outdated photo– that I hadn’t aged? And so what if that’s exactly what I’m doing? Isn’t that the whole point of Facebook, to put your best face forward? Well, my best face is three years younger than my current face. Deal with it, Facebook! And, isn’t this the pot calling the kettle ironic?

Clearly, pretty much no one posts real life on Facebook. That’s not the point, is it? On Facebook, life is “virtually” wonderful. Don’t most folks put up posts about good things — yummy foods they’re eating (I must admit that stuff puzzles me, who wants to see photos of your meals?), fun festivities they’re attending dressed to the nines, great friends enjoying good times together, adorable photos of their kids and grandkids (I’ve not yet seen a funny-looking kid on Facebook and yet we all know they’re out there), concerts they have tickets to and you don’t, trips to exotic locales you’ll likely never visit, great books they’ve read (while you haven’t read a book in two years because you’re…well…living, working, etc.), works of art you don’t remotely have the talent to create (well, maybe you do but I don’t). Even people who claim they’re putting up bad photos (ooh look at this bad haircut I got!), would not put those up if they believed they truly looked hideous, they’re just hoping folks will say they look good. (Not that there’s anything wrong with fishing for compliments. I’m all about taking positivity in any way you can get it.)

So, Facebook, you can take your opinion of my misleading photo and shove it. I see the irony of your ways and I am not falling prey to your insistence that I be authentic or genuine! I looked pretty good in that picture and if you think I’m going to put one up in which I look worse, well, let’s just say I’m way too shallow for that. And, that is genuine.

Facebook isn’t the place to attempt to get to know anyone’s real personality. If you want that, read his or her blog. On blogs, we don’t hide, especially not if we’re prolific. It’s too hard to keep up pretense that often in that many words! Bloggers, overall, write from the heart, from the head and from a place of genuine consideration.

But, if inquiring minds really want to know what I look like more recently, here’s a new-ish photo. This is only about a year old so I’ve got some time before Facebook accuses me of anything.


12 Responses to “Is Facebook Accusing Me of Lying?

  • You are right on! Your new-ish picture is lovely. Facebook is a collection of perfect moments, and many are manufactured perfect moments.
    You can’t manufacture blogging. Who would follow a perfect-happy-all-the-time-blogger?

    • I totally agree. I like the occasional happy blog post but I think the true joy of blogging, both the writing and the reading, is to share some deeper and authentic connections. The blogs I follow I feel strongly, are written from the heart and soul. Thanks for this comment and for taking the time to connect!Oh and much thanks for your kind words about my new-ish photo. Check back in three years for an update!

  • Frankly, I can’t stand Facebook. I do have an account, but I hate the fact you have to use your real name (which means I can’t share my blog posts, since they are about my mental issues and abusive background, and I used a pseudonym to avoid being identified)
    I had no idea they were being nazi’s about using a photo that’s a few years old too. I think that’s just ridiculous.

    • I originally signed on to Facebook as I had a group of clients who wanted to use it a a list serve of sorts. Immediately people I hadn’t heard from or thought of in years found me. In some cases the reconnection has been fun but overall, I think it’s mostly just a lighthearted way to pass time if you have it to spare. However, I think you can use pseudonyms. I have friends who are teachers and they use them so they’re students don’t find them. You may have to sign up as the real you but I think your public name can be one you choose. Thanks so much for taking the time to write this comment, though. Much appreciated!

  • Your post made me chuckle a bit. Out of all the junk on FB their bot flags your photo for being 3 years old. I really only use FB for my blog page these days. other than that it becomes a major waste of time.

    • I agree about the general waste of time. I think it’s light entertainment at best. But I’m glad it made you laugh. That was the goal!

  • Wow! That’s crazy. I didn’t even know that they would do that. You shouldn’t have to update your photos. With so many scammers out there I don’t accept friend requests from folks who have already sent me one. They need to delete duplicate profiles instead of harassing people to update their photos.

    • Well, they didn’t say I HAD to update it, just strongly suggested it. But I agree, shouldn’t they have better things to do with their time? 😉

  • Lol, fb is hilarious. Now they’re dictating what photos to put up? Sheesh, what’s next? Great post and pic Deb. 🙂

  • I’m not an avid FB user but if I skip a day or two it sends me a reminder of how much I’ve “missed.” As if I have nothing better to do. I enjoy being able to see family & friends’ photos and videos but otherwise FB is a waste of time. Beautiful photo, Debby! I’d put that in a frame and forget about your profile.

    • I know. What you’ve “missed” as if it actually was anything valuable! Thanks for your sweet words!

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