My Article Appears and I’m So Psyched!

The lovely people at the “Better After 50″ site (We can only hope that’s actually true, that life just gets better…) featured my article about real grandparents today at this link. It’s a quick and fun read if I do say so myself so if you have a few moments to smile, check it out. Love their site anyway and I think you might enjoy it too, particularly if you’re a woman with a sense of humor!

2 Responses to “My Article Appears and I’m So Psyched!

  • I have just been over to have a look Debby, Brilliant article! You are so right, grandparents are so much younger and healthier now. They do actually still have jobs, are an active part of society and know how to have fun! God forbid, you should have to wear ‘ortho shoes’ just because you are a Grandmother, that made me laugh my head off! 🙂

    • I love the ability to make you laugh! Thanks so much for taking the time to check it out. I know you aren’t nearly “grand” age so I’m glad you enjoyed it anyway. And, yes, I love me some shoes! Bunions, be banished!

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