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If you run a business and that includes you, indie authors who are trying to sell books, consider the way you show your appreciation to the people you are trying to sell and to those you’ve already sold. I just heard of a financial planner who shows his client love in a wonderful, unique way. He recently sent a beautiful invitation in which he “cordially invited” them to his annual “Client Appreciation Dinner” at a local restaurant. (Hats off to you, financial planner, Jay. You have inspired me!)

How brilliant is that? What a wonderful way to thank clients for doing business with you. I have no idea how many attendees he has or what that might cost but whatever it is I believe it’s money well spent. You must invest in yourself and in your business if you really want to succeed. As my mother used to say when I ran for class officer in school, “If you don’t vote for yourself why should anyone else?” It’s the same with your investment in your endeavors. If you don’t invest in you, why should anyone else? It’s the same with the people who help you along the way. They, too, deserve your acknowledgement and appreciation.  When I ran the education department of a newspaper, we relied heavily on the cooperation of the school secretaries who were the “middlemen” between us and the teachers who used our products, the newspapers. I decided to find a way to thank them so each year I’d send each one (about 350 people) a little something. From a lovely foil-wrapped tea bag that read, “Take a tea break on us. You deserve it!” to a small package of chocolates that said, “You’re so sweet to help us out,” these small trinkets had a huge impact. We received tons of calls and emails thanking us for thanking them. They were genuinely touched but our acknowledgement.

In the day-to-day running of any business it’s easy to lose sight of the individual person whose attention you’re seeking. It’s also easy to overlook the people who help you do what you do. For indie authors the people who help a great deal are often other indie authors. It’s a wonderful, supportive cyber community. I’ve had authors worldwide support me in so many ways, they reblog my blog, they’ve bought, read and reviewed my book, they’ve interviewed me for their blogs and so much more. I try to do the same but honestly, some of these folks do so much for others I have no idea how they make time to write their books! It’s time-consuming, sure, but I hope they’ve all learned the karma of “what goes around comes around.” I hope they know how much they are appreciated. Here are just five of the many who’ve helped me along the way. If you’d like, name five who’ve helped you and link to their blogs or books in the comments here. We can’t take them to dinner but we can do the next best thing, right?



D.G. KAYE. I’ve read and completely enjoyed her books. Check them out, you won’t be sorry. 

Nicholas Rossis. He writes awesome books for kids and adults, he writes to help other writers by sharing a ton of information.  And, he lives in a magical part of Greece.

Sally Cronin writes stories and poetry and books and incredibly brilliant and informative nutritional therapy columns. You are going to love what she offers!

Christina Hamlett is an award-winning author, script consultant, and professional ghostwriter who has written numerous books and still takes the time to interview authors for her blog. She is a phenom!

My friend, Van writes about life’s little and big moments. She’s a joy to read and to get to know. I just know you’ll love her too!





6 Responses to “Show Supporters The Love!

  • What a lovely idea Debby. A little ‘thank you’ goes such a long way 🙂

    • Thanks. You are in my next group of persons I appreciate. Look for yourself on my next “thank you” list. You have been so responsive and wonderful to read! Have a great day! Hope the new job continues to go well.

  • Showing appreciation is so important! Kudos on a great post, Debby.

  • Wow! Deb, I was truly overwhelmed to come by and read your latest post and find my name on your gratitude list! And what a fantastic post. I absolutely agree with you that especially as Indie authors we all have so much to learn from one another, and our community is truly inspiring.
    I never forget to be grateful for all those who help me along the way. I have friends who can help me in a technical pinch, some who’ll read over my manuscript when I’m looking for a critique, and so many wonderful other writers and bloggers who are always so willing to give a little of their precious time. I have a thing, it’s called always remembering where you began, and with keeping that in mind, I love to support others. I am happy that you have mentioned my name here, truly humbled.
    Now, lol, ironically, I too will mention the great Sally Cronin from , Nicholas Rossis, , Marcia Meara of The Write Stuff , Deborah Jay, , and Deborah Bowman
    Thanks again. <3

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