Tech Help for Bloggers

The brilliant Carrie Rubin has a post here designed to help the technically challenged, like me, find easy ways to share the wisdom of other writers. It’s a quick, entertaining and educational read. Highly recommend! Share the love, writers, and you’ll find it comes back to you!

5 Responses to “Tech Help for Bloggers

  • Thank you so much for sharing my post! Glad it was helpful. I appreciate you spreading the word. 🙂

    • I thought your tips were succinct and easy to follow, even for the uninitiated like me.

  • Great share Deb! It’s sometimes slips our minds that we may know these things but others may not be aware. 🙂

    • Took me a long time to figure out why I couldn’t reblog on my self hosted WP site. At least now I can stop trying!

  • Yes, I saw this post a little earlier. It was very helpful.

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