The Golden Rule of Blogging

workspace_2_hiresThis morning I read an interesting article about whether readers are likely to click links on blogs and what bloggers can do to encourage more of that. If you are inclined to click links, as apparently many readers are not, click here for an interesting take on this. If you haven’t visited the Dream Big, Dream Often blog, you are in for a treat. It’s one of the ones I read “big and often.”

Basically, the takeaway for me after reading the post was this: if you want people to read and interact with what you write, the only way to get there is to read and interact with what others write. I doubt too many people have enough time to read every blog to which they subscribe every day but what goes around comes around. That’s true in the real world, it’s true in the cyber world. I know I’m guilty of not spending enough time reading and interacting so I’m setting a doable goal. Read and interact with at least 10 blogs a day. I’m a fast reader and can do this in a short period of time. I know there are bloggers who work 4-5 hours each day doing exactly this and I’m sure it pays off for them. Since I can’t do that, I’ll do the best I can until I can put more time into this.

I urge you to make a similar commitment. It’s pretty much the Golden Rule of Blogging, “Read unto others as you would hope they read unto you.” (Okay the language doesn’t exactly work but you get the idea.)  Again, it works in the real world, it will work in the blogging world. For an even more in depth read on this topic, click here and read Jason Cushman’s brilliance on the subject of building a bigger blog following.

As an indie author I made a similar promise to myself. I committed to read and review at least 1-2 indie books each month. So far I’m keeping up with this goal and have been for about the last 8 months. By the way, I just read Lynne Spreen’s wonderful, “Dakota Blues.”  I really liked it and can recommend it highly. She serves all indie authors well in that her book is pristinely written, professionally presented and it tells a good story. The Golden Rule of Indie Authors, in a way, Write for others, the way you’d like them to write for you I suppose.

In summary, be mindful out there, what you put out into the blogging and/or indie publishing world, can come back to delight or haunt you!


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  • I’ve mentioned this so many times in my blog tips posts. Some bloggers can not work out why they get hardly any likes or comments left on their posts. It’s all about building your own community and also becoming a member of other blogging communities. By doing so you’re also more likely to see your posts being reblogged and also linked to. Yes, it all takes time, but providing we do at least a little reading and commenting on a daily basis then it should work.

    • I’m pretty sure you were among the first of the bloggers I met who helped me along. It was the first blog hop/party I was a part of and you were the most gracious host! I’ve learned a lot from you, from Sally and D.G. Kaye and Judy Martin and others I met that day. It does work if you work it. And, you can also have some fun along the way.

      • That blog party was almost 12 months ago now, Debby. It’s the only one I’ve ever held. I must do another one.
        I agree, there are some great posts all about blogging tips out there. I remember when I found my first one and thinking how I had scooped the jackpot. It was so helpful and certainly propelled me into blogging.

        • A year? Seriously? Wow, that flew by. Don’t they all, though? Especially the good ones, alas.

  • Blogging is a reciprocal process for sure, and although I can’t read every post of every blogger I follow, I try to check in at least once a week since that’s my blogging frequency (though sometimes I go two weeks in between posts). There’s so much great stuff out there that we could read blogs all day long and never get our other work done! So setting a limit is good.

    • Sometimes I sit down to meet my goal and because there is an almost infinite amount of good information out there, the day has gotten away from me before I even realize it. The days that find me in my pajamas way too late happen more often than I like to admit!

  • I appreciate the kind mention and share Deb!

  • I like to try and spend time reading and commenting on blogs, and hate it when I get behind. I always spend at least two hours a day doing it, but it still never enough time! 🙂

  • Thanks for a great post, Debby. Even though I’m retired, I still find it challenging to stay on top of reading and commenting on my favorite blogs. And then having time for my own posting plus trying to check out new blogs and grow a following. I love it but maybe something else will have to go.

    • I hear you. Prioritizing could help but it’s challenging to let go of something you think is either fun or important!

  • Wonderful! Sharing…

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