When Sense of Humor is Seriously Askew

Yesterday I read a blog post on the very popular Scary Mommy blog. It was a “letter” from a mom to the grandparents with a list of 10 things not to do while babysitting the grandkids. I say “letter” because it was clearly a humor column. There was snark, there was sarcasm, there were expletives. The whole thing cracked me up. Then I read the comments. Oh My! People were incensed. “How dare you?” “This is a sick and ungrateful person.” “I’m glad you’re not my daughter.” “Perhaps you should be grateful you still have parents.” And my favorite, “How could a human being write something like this?” They say comedy isn’t pretty but I had no idea how many people can be offended by something they read which is clearly meant to be funny!

Here’s what I left in the comments. I hope I offend no one with my tongue in cheek response.

I have serious issues with the commenters here who have serious issues with this hilarious post. And, yes I am one of the Geezer generation guilty of too many of these things. So, here’s my answer:
10 Things Not To Do When Leaving Your Cherubs With The Grands
1. Don’t forget to pack enough diapers and wipes. We are spending a fortune on showering these kids with fun crap. We don’t have enough disposable income for the disposables.
2. Please do not raise kids who think dinner is always served restaurant style. That is to say they cannot order whatever they wish. We’re cooking a meal and we’re serving it. Prince and Princess will not be placing an order. They can have cereal if they don’t like the entree.
3. Please don’t leave books for bedtime that have more than 100 words. We’re tired. We love reading to your kid but there’s a limit to how long we can stay awake at story time.
4. Don’t disrespect my ability to keep your child safe. No my whole house isn’t baby proofed but most of the time your kid isn’t here and I will keep my eye on them while they are. Plus I can’t open the damn cabinets at your house and I refuse to live that way.
5. If I let your kid play next door, it’s because I know the neighbor well enough to trust. You don’t have to. If you want to oversee every moment of the week you should have stayed home.
6. Bedtime is a moveable event. You’re not here, you’ll never know. Don’t sweat it. Plus, I’m probably more eager to get them to bed than you are so it’s likely to be earlier, not later than usual.
7. Your kid can miss a day of school. I will be dead some day and you’ll wish they had spent one more day with me. But, OTOH, see #6. I probably will take them to school on Saturday too.
8. You’re a parent so buck up if I give your kid markers to take home. You think I want that shit in my house? I had enough when you were a kid.
9. Understand that I understand the word emergency. We’re going to an ER, I’m not phoning your doctor.
10. I won’t call you or Skype you if you promise to reciprocate. They’re fine. We’ll call if we need you… or if anyone’s bleeding. 
Have a fun day, people. Remember to laugh just a bit.. or even better, laugh a whole lot!

13 Responses to “When Sense of Humor is Seriously Askew

  • God, what is WRONG with some people! I love to have a laugh at almost anything, and don’t mean any harm by it. Some people need to lighten up a bit and chill out.
    I loved your responses to those moaning minnies!

    • Thanks, Judy. I know, the inability to lighten up is really quite puzzling. Life is way too short to not be able to laugh at!

  • Haha! These are all terrific, Deborah! And I must admit, I’m very glad my mom adopted these rules long before she was an actual grandparent 😉

    • I am honored to have a compliment like this from a humor writer. Also, my husband is also a Ned and clearly they are the best men in the world. You mom sounds very smart!

  • Very funny! Good job 🙂

  • Love it. I always do everything’s no wrong.

  • Well said! If anyone is offended by this they should not read, period!! When did the world get so serious that we cannot laugh at ourselves? I laugh at myself daily, it’s a must. It was so nice to meet you at Jackie’s party, so many people, and food and your husband is a knock-out!! 😉
    Good luck with the Huffington-Post I hope they print your post. I’m going to mosey on over and read it now!! 🙂

    • Honestly, If I couldn’t laugh and particularly at myself, I simply couldn’t survive! I’m glad we connected, too. I will be visiting your blog often. I feel a kindred spirit here!

  • Well said Deb. And if someone can’t have a sense of humour, then most likely there are just some blogs out there they shouldn’t be reading, lol. I love your list!!! 🙂

    • I believe, and am pretty sure you agree, life is simply not worth living without a sense of humor!

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